Fabbrica Italiana Punzoni Acciaio

The Company

F.I.P.A has been a leader in its field for more than 40 years and has proved itself capable of evolving in line with modern market trends.

Many factors have made F.I.P.A. "marking punches" the most sought-after and frequently used in Italy and all over the world: more than 40 models of punches in our catalogue, high quality materials computerized production processes, growth in the industry sector and, up-to-date research and studies. Safety measures, tests and inspections and hardness test, make our "marking punches" safe, tough and reliable in any condition.

Among our customers we have important Testing Organizations, certified welders, manufacturers of electric pylons and oil plants, Civil Organizations, Metric Offices, Chambers of Commerce, heavy steel structural works and many other companies who need marking and tests.